Saturday, December 31, 2022

Year end 2022


 last day of 2022 and I am really lying here on a hill  somewhere in northeast India and thinking"wow, this is life huh?"  

As always i am synced to pink floyds.For me,these are god's music.The melancholy sweet solos assure me that in this soltitude ,i can be ME and as the music progresses, i suddenly have the answer to her question about my life and our future together.

I also think that its a high time we need to fight against the authority.LOL just kidding that's stupid.But on a serious note lets help our friends to get sober before its too late.Its funny they get triggered because they are not ready to face the truth but god bless them. Its funny that soon i will stop seeing them and they will be frozen as 24 forever in my mind.

It's getting dark and while I am unmindful of the earth's rotation, I am also completely aware of my existence. What a strange strange world it is.The music stopped and as I sit in silence and stare at the horizon i have an illusory feeling that what if i am really second to god? 

Happy new year Folks.

The picture below is one of my solo trip to the holy mountains in nepal.


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