Wednesday, September 1, 2021

World highest Canyon swing


228 meters high and 6 seconds of freefall. What an experience. Aug 22, 2 am in the morning  I and my friend sworup raj basnet from The Annapurna Base Camp Blog left Kathmandu to reach The Cliff resort in kushma ,Parbat. after seven hours of motorbike ride, we reached the cliff resort. As soon as we reached there my heart started racing after seeing people jump. 

We had some breakfast and it was time for our jump. Not gonna lie, I was nervous. They let us inside a capsule on a bridge and the instructor gave us some steps and things to follow. All harnessed, I was slowly guided towards the edge, and man oh man I was scared and excited. It was kind of an out-of-the-body experience. 3 2 1 jump the bungee master yelled and I took the jump. 

Now what? I asked myself. It was all over and too quickly. They started pulling me up and I was excited to see my friend jump next. After the jump, we ate some food and also met our school friend who is from kushma. 

We had to ride a long way back home to Kathmandu so without any delay we left . We were so sleepy at one point that we had to stop our motorbike and take a short nap on the way. Never do a long trip on bajaj NS 200 because the seat is a pain in the ass. And to make things worse, the headlight gave up and we had to buy a torch and I sat behind panning the torch on the road and guide my friend on the highway at night. By  8 pm at night, we reached home.

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