Saturday, May 8, 2021

Two friends hike to Champadevi Mandir.



easy one day hike

carry light snack

view of the Kathmandu valley along with the mountain ranges around it

 Nov 15,2020. during tihar a day before Bhai tika I and my friend did a day hike to Champa Devi temple.

It's a short hike that can be started from various points but I personally suggest starting just below the bosan dada so that we can enjoy the view as we gain elevation. view of Taudaha lake and the mountain ranges on the distance makes the hike worthy. in the early autumn morning, I and my neighbor friend started walking and I also tried to make a silent vlog which u can find on my youtube channel . It's a fairly easy hike to Champa Devi and it's refreshing as you get away from the crowd and in peace, you can also hear the birds singing. Thankfully the place was not crowded that day and we were enjoying the clear weather and all the mountain ranges were flaunting themselves. On the way, there is no shop so we carried some snacks with us.

After climbing for 2 hours from bosan dada you reach the top of the hill from where you walk along its ridge to the temple.

 we didn't return from the same route but descended down to the other side of the hill which lead us to the puspalal park.

overall it was a day spent well. check out the video and pictures at:




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