Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Short solo hike to Jamacho gumba, Kathmandu.2021


 A short getaway from the crowd .7th Jan 2021.

 Because the weather was clear, I took a leave from the work and hiked up to the jamacho gumba and the hike was definitely worth it. The hike starts from the fulbari gate nearby from balaju bypass. One has an option of a motorbike ride or a hike up to the gumba.since I already rode there I decided to hike .So at around 12 pm in the day, I took my bike and reached to fulbari gate, parked my bike, bought a ticket, and entered the gate. The trail lies inside nagarjun national park so there are certain rules and regulations to follow. and oh the price of the ticket is Rs 100. As soon as u enter the gate and start walking u enter a forest and you can hear many birds and the traffic noise starts fading. 

You will find urself crossing an army checkpoint and as u reach the top you can see the Kathmandu valley below and on a clear day, you can see the Langtang mountain range and other mountain ranges that look amazing. one must exit the gate by 5pm. It's a short one-day hike inside Kathmandu valley and it's really worth it. I choose to go on weekdays as there is no one and I desire that solo hike on my own. 

Upon reaching the top you can find a view tower and the view from there is what the hike is all about. There is also a gumba at the top named jamacho. It takes about 3 hours on average to reach to the top and 1.5 hours to get back. Overall the trip is fun easy and worthy. That's the vlog guys.

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