Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Yala peak summit.(kyangin gompa to yala peak) 2021


 So as soon I thought of writing this blog I figured out that damn time really flies man. It just feels like yesterday but it is already a week and I just remember a line from the 1986 classic film, Ferris  Bueller's Day off-"life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

After a full day of rest and acclimatization at kyangin valley, we were ready for Yala peak high camp for that day. Krish dai(my guide and friend) is a native of the Langtang valley and at around 9 in the morning, we two started the trek towards the upper Langtang. We decided to climb Tsergo Ri and decent directly to Yala high camp rather than going to the other trail which leads to Yala base camp without covering tsergo ri top. Krish dai is really a strong man carrying all those tents, stoves, pots sleeping bags, foods on his backpack at that altitude and that terrain. As we gained elevation, the view made me ebullient. We hiked through the ridge of the hills and as we were nearing the tsergo ri, the wind was so strong that it flew all the snow to us and at top of that we lost the trail and it made the hike very difficult. Upon reaching tesrgo ri top, I had a severe headache as I had never experienced that cold wind. But the view from the top was worth it. 

Ascent to tsergo ri was the most difficult part for that day. There is a meadow between the tesergo ri and Yala peak. At around 2 noon, we reached the high camp which was the destination for the day.I Could see the Yala peak above which was the task for the day after. Krish dai set up the tent and we had our lunch. As the sun was setting, the place became more and more magical. there was not a single would around except for us. The temperature was also falling rapidly and the water source near us froze.

 We made coffee and in the late evening, there was no wind and as the stars were appearing one by one I realized I was where I always wanted to be. the place was so silent that at some time I felt confused. the towering giants were last to face the sun and as I was gazing at the stars, my favorite band pink floyd's shine on you crazy diamond insulted the peace of the place. I got excited. I went a little farther from the camp and gazed at the stars listening to the song and man oh man now as I am writing the blog I just can't stop thinking that very moment. It's difficult to express that moment and as it may sound funny to you guys reading it now but that what made me happy in a long long's simple yet it's everything that I desire for. Few sips of local alcohol and hot noodles soup made the night warm. It was a long and restless night at the high camp and you want to get up and walk as oxygen level is half of that from sea level.

It's 6am in the morning and we are up. After a light breakfast, we started the hike up to the summit of Yala. At around 12 in the day, we reached the summit. the way up to the summit was hard for me. The snow and the thin air made it even harder. The final summit block was dangerous but as soon as u reach the top,u feel like u made it. What a 360-degree view of mountains and mountains. A year-old wish fulfilled. We made it back to kyangin valley in the evening and were so tired that we slept like a baby that night.

     you don't want to miss this short clip-----yala peak final summit video

     check this out too----yala peak climbing short clip

But for me, the journey was still to Kathmandu so at 5am in the morning I started walking alone down to syabrubesi and after walking all morning and day at 4 in the day I reached to syabrubesi. my leg was literally shivering but I had to make it to ktm that day so I took my bike and rode all the way to ktm and reached home at 10pm.

it was a new year's eve. 'What a way to end the year' I thought as I took a hot shower and slept.

that's the blog guys. hope u love it.




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