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Solo trek to Kyangin Gompa,Langtang valley and Yala Peak Summit 2021


"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. To put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived."

-Henry David Thoreau


Days required-
minimum 4 days and can be managed accordingly


Best season- March to May and Sep to Nov

Essentials- dry foods, warm and waterproof clothes, trekking pole, power banks

Cost- Rs 13000 or less if spent wisely

Main attractions- Langtang valley, monasteries, option for several day trips from Kangin Gompa, rhododendron forest, other peaks, and cultural diversities.

A proper trek after the lockdown. A week of solo travelling on the Himalayas of Nepal is what I was longing for...

Day 1 (Kathmandu to syabrubesi to bamboo) 4am to 3:30pm

April 8,2021 I woke up at 3 30 am to leave for syabrubesi. the bag was packed a day before so left after a light breakfast and reached syabrubesi at around 9:45 am .rode my motorbike all the way and the ride went smooth. there were 2 checkpoints on the way. there are many hotels at syabru and I chose the Riverview lodge where I ate noodles with egg and left my bike to start the trek at around 11 am.

 everything was going swimmingly but after the first 15 mins in the trek, I lost the way. I choose to go alongside the bank of the river but the trail was through the road above. and when the way from along the bank disappeared I decided to climb the hill directly up to the road instead of returning back which squandered all my energy and enthusiasm for that day. Day one trail is very boring as you just walk alongside the river the whole day. Carrying my heavy backpack I reached to bamboo at 3:30pm and decided to stay there for the night. 

Suman vai who looks very small for 11 years was there at the lodge and he was my friend for that day. It rained the whole night and I slept hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Day 2(Bamboo to Langtang Valley) 6am to 4pm.

woke up at 5:30 am and started walking by 6am after breakfast. the weather was cold and clear. the trail from bamboo is gradually uphill till kyangin gompa. I was recording a video for the vlogs. one should walk from the forest to a bridge which leads to lama hotel. there are white monkeys and so many squirrels and birds along the way as the area lies inside the Langtang national lama hotel, I had a tea and took some rest.

 the view starts getting pretty from here onwards. we can see snowcapped mountains and during spring the rhododendron steals the eye. some birds in the area are so beautiful and unique that they engrossed me for some time. there are waterfalls and so many water sources along the way that u never get out of the water and thirsty. the mules and horses often make u stand on the side so that they can pass the trail. the bells on their neck make pleasant noise and make us aware that they are there. the yaks grazing, the mountain smiling, and the rhododendron blooming make the 2nd day like you were somewhere in heaven.

 the only thing that let u down is ur own heavy backpack and uphill trail but hey that's how life in the Himalayas is.

 you reach the Langtang valley in the late afternoon and you are so tired that you decide to stay there. It felt sad to see the consequence of the earthquake upon reaching the Langtang valley. there is a new settlement just nearby the landslide. As soon as I reached the hotel at Langtang it started snowing. I was alone in the room watching snowing outside. I could see tsergo ri far away above the valley which I had to climb and cross a few days later. I was so tired that day after carrying myself and the backpack that I had a fever that night LOL.had dinner and slept.

Day 3(langtang valley to kyanging gompa) 8am to 10am

kyanging gompa is the last destination for most is also the last settlement in the area. one stops at kyanging gompa and make short trips around peaks in the valley and return back. but my plan was to make it to the Yala peak summit. so for that, I had already talked to a brother at Kyangin gompa to guide and lead me to the Yala peak which at that time I didn't know was going to be one of the greatest experiences in my life. 

So that day I trek around 2 hours to Kyangin gompa from Langtang and rested the whole day for big days ahead. Langtang valley and kyangin gompa are surrounded by hills and mountains from all sides. people there are so good and the brother who took me to Yala peak is now my good friend. I already miss the place as I am writing this now. what a trip phone no nothing for a week.just me enjoying and getting lost in that wonderland. listening to pink Floyd and the dead mouse on the trip and just living the moment will always be missed. 

Incase of people planning a return from kyangin back to ktm,one can start at 5am in morning and reach syabru at the end of the day but its not recommended.

read my next blog for kyangin gompa to Yala peak.

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