Friday, June 12, 2020

Two Brothers Trek to Gosaikunda Lake,(2020)


Days required-
minimum 3 days and can be managed accordingly


Best season- Feb to June and Sep to Dec

Essentials- dry foods, warm and waterproof clothes, trekking pole, power banks

Main attractions-holy lake Gosainkunda, Langtang mountain range, rhododendron forest and other lakes and cultural diversities.

Because once was not enough. The lake, the place, the people there were so beautiful that I decided to go with my brother there again after a year. Until this trip, it was already a mandatory thing to do as soon as my brother comes home on his vacation. Gosaikunda lake is both famous from a religious point of view and it's a short trek that can be completed from Kathmandu within few days.

It was the last day of 2019, woke up early and we already touched the highway by 6 am. I was excited and so was my brother. Since I already visited there solo, I knew all the routes, and the itinerary was printed on my mind. Cold December morning we rode about  120 km to a place called Dhunche.
The road to dhunche is bad for the last few km's. So after having snacks in dhunche and parking our motorbike safe we started the trek. It was already 1 pm when we started walking. I still remember a cute little girl who gave us two sticks to use as a trekking pole in exchange for few bucks. The initial plan was to reach Chandan Bari. The trail from Dhunche to Chandanbari is not that exciting. It's completely uphill and in the forest. However, we were lucky enough to see a deer drinking water.

15 minutes into the trek and we were already breathing heavily. lol. I was also filming the trek for my vlogs. We walked and walked and walked and at around 5 we reached Deurali. There we had some tea and snacks and left for Chandanbari. A dog named kali from dhimsha(between deurali and chandanbari) also joined us. Since my brother is not comfortable with dogs, he went ahead and it was me and kali who accompanied me. It was getting dark and the temperature was dropping rapidly. After walking for 30 mins from deurali, it was sure that we could not reach chandanbari. Reaching dhimsha before dark would be an achievement because we were alone since kali also left us and we had no torch. Just before it got pitch dark we reached dhimsha where kali(the dog) was already there. We were all tired and hungry so we had dinner and slept.


it was a new year's day. we started walking by 7am. The view was getting beautiful. It was cold and our legs were aching. After about 1 hour or less we reached chandanbari.
We didn't stop and continued our journey. After Cholangati, the real beauty of the trek starts. Surrounded by mountains and snow on the trail, we walked and walked. At about 11 am we reached cholangpati.Had some soups and continued the journey.Cholangpati to lauribina to sarswoti mandir is the hardest part of the trek but the view is something else that I can barely express in words.
It was too windy and the water inside the bottle was frozen. We were exhausted. Had some lunch in lauribina and upon reaching the top(Saraswati mandir), it was already 3 in the noon. It was so windy that we hide behind the temple to take a rest.

My brother got excited as we were approaching the lake. there are numerous lakes on the way before reaching Gosainkunda.
As we reached Gosainkunda, we realized that due to winter only one teahouse was open and it was already full. We somehow got a room. Later in the evening, more people came and they had to sleep on the floor.

After worshipping the lake, in the evening we joined the other group in the dining area. I played a pink Floyd song there and suddenly it hit me differently. I drifted away from the crowd there in my own thoughts. It was new year's day. The song "Lost for words" for me is really special.

That was the longest and coldest night ever. My body was exhausted and I could not sleep and breathe properly. I really regretted the plan of spending the night there. I could barely sleep for an hour. Thunderstorm and wind made me more miserable that night.

but after every night there is a day. Woke up early and I realized I was in the place where I always want to be. Had tea and our return journey started. since it's all downhill trail, the descending was fast and quite easy. We reached dhimsa by 2pm and stayed the night there. The hotel owner made some chicken soup and we enjoyed that.


We woke up late and by 8am we started descending. we walked slowly and reached dhunche at around 12 in the noon. We had some snacks there and took the motorbike trip back to Kathmandu. Reached Kathmandu at about 6 pm.

That's the blog guys. The new day of 2020 spent well but now stuck at home due to the pandemic. Thanks for reading till here. love you all.

I have even made a vlog so it would be great if you guys check it out: VLOG

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