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  1. Came to know from your post that we can make it in easy way and short period of the time. Thank you for your details information.

  2. Welcome!! And thanks for taking ur time out to read.

  3. What the author unfortunately doesn‘t write or knows is that Nepali people can get altitude sickness like westerners. Often they are not aware of it but every year some die of it. I myself have helped once a guy on Tilicho who was not anymore able to walk on his own feet’s because of altitude sickness. Without help he would have been in very serious problems. The biggest mistake is to plan not enough time for your Journey. Going to Tilicho Lake you should make you first overnight stop at around 2700 m, either in Temang or Chame. Then another night stop in Manang. The third day you then can go to Khangsar but stop in Sree Kharka. The trail from there to the Tilicho base camp is extremely dangerous in the afternoon when you have very often rock fall. In the very early morning this happen not so often. When you start the fourth day before sunset you reach the lake in the early afternoon and you can come back to the base camp. The 5th day you start again in the very early morning and you reach Manang at noon. That would be the safe way for a perfect journey. It is stupid to die on your holydays just because you think you want to be very fast.

    1. Altitude sickness is real.One should really listen to the body.In our case,we were fine.Had there been any sign of altitude sickness we would have acclimatize in khangsar.Thanks for reading.