Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The mountain see it all


Up here,the mountains test my limit.They see it all.They see me struggling to get near them.I can only imagine the struggle of the people who decides to conquer them.Those people are really on next level.

The body is weak and my face is full of pity.I am a different person up here and its hard to explain.On an early winter morning when the wind is cold and all the people below me are sleeping,I am struggling to climb over a hill just to see that moment where the first sunrays hit the mountain.I am all alone because the dog didnt follow me for long.The music from my phone is insulting the surrounding.

The mountain drains all of my energy but also pulls me towards it somehow. In the hotel, a sip of tea never felt that bliss.I envy the eagles gliding effortlessly above me as i continue to walk all exhausted and fatigued.The mountain sees it all.At dusk upon reaching the hotel the group of travellers confuse me if i was sane.

The time from dusk till dawn is a challenge.I am breathing deep and frequent because in the mountain the air is thin.My body asks for sleep while the mind is asking me about my life and my dreams.Everything feels strange.Very tugging on the heart.

In the morning i realise i am in my dreamland.Its time to leave but I dont want to go.The hotel owner gives a smile and gets back to work immediately.He has seen all kind of people come and leave.

The mountain starts to fade.I assure myself to be there someday again.There is a slight pain because all the roles I play in the city,I should repeat it again.


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