Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Solo trek to Gosaikunda.




Days required-
minimum 3 days and can be managed accordingly


Best season- Feb to June and Sep to Dec

Essentials- dry foods, warm and waterproof clothes, trekking pole, power banks

Main attractions-holy lake gosaikunda,Langtang mountain range, rhododendron forest

The three days of trekking alone in the Langtang region left me stunned with its beauty and difficulties.

It was May 6 of 2018 after finishing my semester exam I came home and packed my bag for the solo trek to the holy gosaikunda. Since this was my 3rd solo trip after Helambu valley and kalinchowk i was still worried and the excitement level was damn too high. I had to lie to my parents at home saying that we are a group of five boys going there as it was certain that my parents will not grant permission to go if I said I was going there alone.

I had bought some dry foods,chocolates and my mom also packed me some boiled eggs and meat which would be the source of energy through the journey.

Day 1(Kathmandu to Chandan bari)

On 7 of may I woke up at 5am in the morning and since I had packed my bag a day before I had my breakfast and I left for the trek to the Gosainkunda. I have my own motorcycle so I had planned to reach Dhunche by 10 am. After riding continuously from Kathmandu to galchi, i reached Dhunche at about 10:30am. I had my lunch there and I parked my motorcycle at the same hotel where I ate lunch. After that, I started my trekking at about 11:15 am. I was quite fresh and excited at that time. after walking for like 10 minutes the houses started fading and the jungle started. I found a good stick to make it a trekking pole. The trek to gosaikunda from dhunche is totally inclined and while returning it's totally declined. My aim was to reach chandanbari and I reached there at about 5:30 pm. From dhunche to Chandan bari the way is not so exciting. there is no proper view of the mountains. I had to tackle the rain for half hours so the first day was a tiring day as after riding for 5 hours I had to walk up for 6.5 hours. I stayed at a lodge which was not so expensive. I paid like 700 for dinner and room. It was a cold night.

Day 2 (Chandanbari to gosaikunda)

The alarm was set for 5 am but I woke up at 4:30 am and by 5 am I left the hotel after having tea. After leaving Chandan bari and walking for 20 minutes I could see the Langtang range and I could not explain my feeling at that time. I was so happy and thought the struggle of the first day was worth it. The sky was clear, the wind was cold and the mountains were flaunting their shiny white snow. They were majestic. I just could not take my eyes away from the beauty. After Chandan bari and before cholang pati the jungle way was like in the Narnia movies. I could see the snow-capped mountains at any time.

After reaching cholangpati i took some rest and ate some chocolates and eggs. The way from cholangpati to lauribina was the most challenging.it was like vertical climbing. But the entire way the views were breathtaking and I could not stop complimenting them. There were some people in a group which I could see from cholangpati. They were near lauribina. We can see lauribina and above from cholangpati but reaching there takes like forever.

The entire way I took photos. I had an action camera and a tripod which I used to take my pics with. I also used my mobile for photos. At about 9:30am I reached lauribina ordered a dal vat and took a long rest. I was taking short rest in between also. The place was so windy that I could not stay outside.it is cold too. At about 10 am I left lauribina and started walking to gosaikunda. I was quite tired already. After climbing for 45-50 minutes I reached the top where there was a temple of goddess Saraswati. The view from that place was superb and I could literally spend the entire day there enjoying and gazing at the beauty of that place.

I could see the dhunche town down below from where I started the trek.
But my main destination was the holy gosaikunda. From the Saraswati temple, the way to gosaikunda is not so difficult and challenging. we have to walk along the side of the mountain. It's scary though. the trail is narrow and a fall below is certain death. After walking like 30 minutes I could see a small kunda below which was known as sarswoti kunda. It was a small water body. And further walking I could see the bhairav kunda.it was so beautiful.

It was really beautiful and the water was calm and I could see some yaks below grazing near the Kunda. I could see few lodges from far and I was sure that gosaikunda was also near. I was so happy at that moment. I reached the lodge and I could already see the gosaikunda. But keeping my excitement in control I first booked my room and I kept my bag in the room and took my camera and went to the gosaikunda.

Well, I could not explain my level of happiness and satisfaction after I saw it. It was so so beautiful as the one I saw in the photo. I took 100s photos and videos there. I stayed all day there roaming all around the beautiful lake and trust me it is a real example of heaven. I reached Gosainkunda at 12 pm and I sat all day there in the sun taking some time-lapse videos and photos. There was no snow that day. It was late winter and the beginning of the summer so no snow at that time. At about 5pm it was so cold that I decided to go back to the room and I sat in the warmth of the blanket. There were many foreigners and Nepalese enjoying in the dining room singing and talking. Since I am an introvert I was quite shy and uncomfortable sitting with them so I ordered my food in my room and I ate and slept. Man it was so so so cold that night I was wearing a jacket sweater and over that, I had two blankets but still, I was shivering the whole night.

Day 3 (Gosaikunda to Dhunche to Kathmandu)

The next day I woke up at like 4:30 am and as I saw outside it was a little dark. The glass was foggy so couldn't see clearly outside.

I was the first one to wake up there. So I packed my bags and I woke up the worker of the hotel and ordered a tea. By that time it was little bright outside. I took my tea and as I stepped outside I could not believe my eyes.

There was a snowfall last night and the place was looking completely different. It was so beautiful and I was the first one there to see it.

I was in full joy and my happiness level was damn high. I was proud of myself at that very moment. I took some more pics there and left for the journey back home. That day I walked and walked and walked and at 1 pm I reached dhunche where I ate lunch and took my motorcycle and reached Kathmandu at about 6:30 pm.

This trekking has so many memories that I will never forget and moreover the experience that I will share with my loved ones. Traveling solo makes me so much aware of myself and I get to know more about myself. Since this is my first ever blog I hope I am able to share my experience with you people.

I am coming with some more travel blogs (both solo and group)so I hope you guys will like it and support me.



  1. This amazing place is on my ‘to do’ list

  2. This sounds like the adventure of a lifetime and something not many people would ever venture to do! What wonderful memories! It looks like an amazing place. Melissa Damiani | https://www.gratitudegraceglamour.com

    1. Thanks for taking your time out to read. I will check yours too.

  3. Such a beautiful place, l will definitely put it on my list, thanks for sharing ❤

  4. I am so impressed by the fact that you did this and by the beautiful scenery.

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