Saturday, July 20, 2019

My travel companion:Benelli TNT 25

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Yup, it's not a tourer machine but it has been to some hardcore trials, and trust me it's capable.

Well talking about the specifications I am not an expert but I have some basic knowledge and I am gonna list some basic specs of the bike.
Benelli TNT 250cc
Tank capacity:17 liters
power: roughly 28 Bhp and 21.61 Nm of torque
Price:5lakhs 20thousands(2019)

Mine one is the 2017 version and to date, it has almost clocked 15000kms out of which half of the distance covered is offroad.

Although I have been to some extremes of manang and helambu region i don't recommend this motorcycle for touring purposes.I also think that it's not the motorcycle that is not capable to go to places but it's a rider who is able to take it or not to that particular place. However, in a real-life scenario and thinking from a sane mind one should choose an appropriate machine that will assist the journey rather than proving the lines.
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This Benelli is my daily driver since 2017 but this machine has also taken me to different terrains of Nepal. The last time I have taken it far was on July 6 where me my brother went for the Bungy jump(blog coming soon) at the last resort,sindhupalchowk. The first-ever long ride was to the amayangri in helambu region.I even fell on my way back from helambu. The bike has taken some serious falls and slides during the ride in manang. Since I have ridden this bike for this long I think i can list some of the things that could be made better on it.
1.Soft seat would be better
2.Benelli's service network is not wide are unnecessarily expensive
4.demands bit more care n maintenance
I am still planning to keep this bike with me and travel to more places in the coming time and with each trip i am learning about its behavior and the way I should maintain it to make it capable.

I love this machine man coz at the end of the day it's only me and my motorcycle that has got to experience the journey, tackles the problems, and sees the destinations.


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