Monday, July 22, 2019

Kathmandu to Ama Yangri,Helambu: My solo travel Experience


And now recalling the trip I get such an intense feeling of going to that place again all on my own and experiencing those moments again. But for now, I can just wish because life is changing fast and I should do my part. Unlike those times, that student part of life I cant go travel anywhere anytime. Oh!! such a feeling of Everglow.

Destination:Ama yangri peak,Helambu region(inside langtang circuit trek)
Distance:6 to 7 hours motorcycle ride from ktm via melamchi
Days required: minimum 2 days.

It was during March, out of nowhere I got that need of going somewhere. I had a new motorcycle at that time around. So, as usual, I lied at home telling my parents we were a group of friends going there.

Day 1

On March 24,2017 at around 11 am I took my motorcycle and headed towards the journey.No no proper plan, no proper gear but full of excitement. I had no idea about the roads after Melamchi. I had read some blogs tho. I rode continuously till Melamchi where I stopped for lunch. It was a small town area. After lunch continues towards the journey. Up to that time, I was riding without asking anyone until after the village began thining. I still remember one man on his honda XR 150 was coming from the opposite direction and I asked him if I was on the right track. He said that the track was right but my motorcycle for the track ahead could be wrong. But I was confident enough and took his words lightly.

further and further I rode and the one main uphill before the tarkeghyang i stopped my bike and realized I just came a long way from home alone and without any proper plan. The uphill before the tarkeghyang was quite a task for both myself and my machine.

There was a sign of relief as I saw some stupas and realized I was entering tarkeghyang, Helambu. It was gloomy and quite cold too. Only one hotel was opened at that time and I booked my room there and it was like 4 or 5 pm. I then came out of the room with a small tripod and my camera phone. I sat with a dog until it was dark outside. That evening was something else for me. With no one around and in absolute silence, I was lost. I am lost for words now but that was exactly what I wanted at that time of my life. For me, that evening was the perfect escapism.

What I didn't ask for was the situation I faced at night. I will never forget that night. Although I say I can travel alone, I am an introvert and I need nobody but that particular night was a test for me. Now imagine this, an unknown place, at a small hotel with only 4 people and me alone in the top room. There was a thunderstorm and it was raining cats and dogs outside.No no electricity.No phone signals. I had to save my mobile's power for the next day. The rain was hitting the roof and all I could hear was the rain and all I could see was pitch darkness. Only at that time, I wished I was not alone.

Day 2

At 5 in the morning, I realized there was snowfall last night. It was soo beautiful outside, I could see that from my window. The excitement level went high again. I was ready to trek for 5 hours to the ama yangri peak. So, after having breakfast I headed for a further journey. I took some eggs, snickers, and 2 red bulls with me. I was an all alone man.

It took me nearly 4 hours to get to the top. It felt a bit hard to go up there. Due to the snowfall that happened the night before, the surrounding was absolutely breathtaking. I could see the mountains all around me. Yaks were there. The view of mountains was out of the imagination. I didn't expect that beauty there at that place. I walked and walked and walked and finally after walking alone and uphill for like 4-5 hours I finally made it to the top of ama yangri.
for moments like this, all struggle is worth it
I was the only person there on the whole hill. It was heaven. I could see below and at that time I told myself that I will do anything to live in the moment like this in my life ahead. I sat there for 1-hour clicking pictures and gazing at the beauty.

All thanks to my camera phone, tripod, and remote I could save some memories from there. It was nearly 1pm when I reached back hotel. I paid the money at the hotel and started riding my motorbike back home. Reached home by evening excited to tell the journey to my loved ones.

That's the blog. Ama yangri trip will always be special for me. I hope I will go there once again and recall those moments. This is the nearest heavenly place from the Kathmandu valley that I suggest everyone to go.



  1. Never been to nepal..but in India, I have been to sikkim where the scenario was pretty much similar..also got to see these yaks!

  2. Ya let me guess you visited changu lake,right?

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