Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Flying in Pokhara:My first experience of ultralight flight

                         Everyone dreams of flying once in a while. I still wish sometimes.

The initial plan was paragliding in the sky of Pokhara. But could not get the ticket for the day as we were leaving for Kathmandu that evening. Long story short, we took a turn towards Pokhara from mugling as we were driving back home after visiting my mamaghar in Nawalparasi.

Since my other uncle from Pokhara promised me to book a ticket for paragliding for the next day, that could not happen. After waking up at Pokhara the next day I came to know that there was no chance for me that day to glide. We were at the roof and my uncle was making calls here and there trying to book one ticket for me. At that time, a kite-like object flew above us making noise in the sky and I told my mama if we could get a ticket for that.

Got the ticket for 3pm. I was all excited and a little nervous too. Went boating at Phewa lake. The ultralight was flying above us and I was happy that in a couple of hours I will be flying above the Pokhara.

The ultralight flight starts from inside the airport in Pokhara. The crew guides us to the side of the runway where there is a hanger. I was getting more excited as the ultralight was preparing for the flight. I and my uncle sat on a two ultralight. They buckled us. The pilot asked me if I was nervous. He was a cool person. The engine started and the other man guided the ultralight toward the runway. My mama went first. It was my turn.

The ultralight began speeding at the runway and in a matter of seconds, it left the ground and started gaining heights. The houses became small and the flight glided towards the Phewa lake.

That was an awesome feeling. The mountains in the distance and the lake below us. From the bird's point of view,Pokhara city is something else which I can't explain in my words. It was a surreal experience. Every time when the pilot suddenly drops the height, I could feel that something in my stomach, and that was such a joy. The boats at the Phewa lake below looked like ants. I could see my uncle enjoying and waving at me. I waved him back. I could feel a sudden gust of wind every time the pilot made a direction change.

Poof!! 20 minutes gone. The ultralight started gliding towards the runway and I could only wish that I could take it up to the sky again. That was it, man. After taking the footage of the flight, I started my journey back to Kathmandu and reached home by midnight.

Now looking back at the videos, I wish I had wings on me that could take me to the higher world and beyond.


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