Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bungy jump at the last resort nepal.

Everything was all fun and exciting until it was my turn and they were buckling the straps. I was constantly distracting myself from the fact that it was the time to jump.

Walk like a penguin, fly like a bird
Overview and information 
Location: close to Tatopani(95km from Kathmandu)
Cost: rs 6300 for Bungy or swing for Nepalese(free food coupon too)..Rs 1800 extra for videos and pics including 1 t-shirt
website of the last resort: The Last Resort.
My experience: service is good, staffs are friendly and the resort is a great place to escape from Kathmandu

Bungy jump was on my bucket list for years and I even made few plans before but somehow it didn't work out. As my brother was coming home for a semester break, it was a perfect time to execute the plan of bungy. So on July 1, my brother booked two tickets for Bungy for July 6 from the last resort office at Thamel. Then the excitement level started going up.

Soo on July 6 woke up at 5am. The plan was to leave by 5:45 as they told us to be there by 9:30. The distance from Kathmandu to the last resort is less than 100kms. After having breakfast at 6:15 am, i and my brother took the motorcycle out left for the ride to the last resort.

The Last Resort lies on the way to Tatopani on the other side of the highway. We rode continuously without stopping as we were already behind the time. The road condition is ok. It's not pitched all the wayThe last stretches of the road are offroad and there are curves.

I was starting to feel bored riding and then suddenly after a curve, I saw the suspension bridge where the bungy jump is done. The excitement level suddenly went high. We parked the bike and after waiting for 20 mins the briefing started. We were welcomed with a juice in the resort. The resort is a perfect place to escape from normal life to enjoy. I was starting to feel nervous. As soon as the briefing ended, we were categorized into two groups on the basis of weight.

It was time. our group was guided towards the bridge and then the bridge was closed for others. The instructions that were taught during the briefing went all blank. I and my brother were in the same group. He was also quite nervous.

My turn was at 5 and as the 3rd one jumped I was called to get ready and man oh man I was so nervous that I was constantly looking at my brother hoping for some encouragement. The staffs were friendly and they instructed me all the steps of jumping and coming back up. The straps were doubled checked.GoPro was attached to my hand. There was another film crew ready to record me jump. The bungy master asked me to step out to the jumping platform. I just felt the same feeling as I am writing this down. The bungy master yelled 3,2,1 bungyyyyyy and then I jumped.

What an experience man. I just can't explain it right now. I yelled at the top of my lungs. I closed my eyes for few seconds as I enjoyed the momentum. That was it, man. I was pulled up and it was my brother's turn. He also jumped good and after the jump, we went back to the resort for food and then rode back home with a great experience.

So that was it, people. From riding all the way from Kathmandu to the last resort and jumping off the 160m high bridge my first Bungy experience was far better than what I expected. Now I am looking forward to doing bridge swing soon. It is a must recommend.



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