Sunday, July 28, 2019

Best Friends Trek to Annapurna Base Camp


The world-famous Annapurna Base Camp trek. Although it was categorized as an easy trek it was hard for us. The main lesson learned from this trek is always to carry fewer clothes and more food.


Destination: Annapurna Base Camp. (4130m)
Days required: minimum 5 days.
Price:10,000 NPR is enough if spent wisely
Difficulty: easy to moderate

So, it was during the month of July in 2017. Me and my friend we were planning to do a long trek for a long time and we decided to leave for the Annapurna base camp. A day after finishing my semester exam i.e on the 27th of July we began our journey to see the Annapurna base camp.

Day 1(Kathmandu to Chhomrong)

Early in the morning at about 5:30, my friend came to pick me at my home. We had our breakfast and left. We did not have any plan or any itinerary. All we had was unnecessary weight to carry to the base camp. We rode continuously till Pokhara and to Naya pul. We rode our bike till there was a dead end ahead. A small house was under construction and we asked a man there to take care of our bike for few days. The man also showed us the way and the trek towards the base camp was on.

The very first day was a full adventure for us. Just after 10 minutes of starting the trek, we had to cross a recent landslide area and it was dangerous. Due to the heavy backpack, we quickly got tired. We even took bath at the waterfall. It was only me and my friend there. We further continued our journey and soon it started raining. Since it was the monsoon season, we knew we were gonna get soaked. We crossed few bridges, paved paths and there were stairways too. It was already late evening and we were walking in the rain for 3 hours or more. Finally, it was too much for that day so we decided to stay just before the chhomrong or let's say at the entrance of Chhomrong. But we quickly realized it was not a hotel. It used to be a hotel. There lived an old lady but she was kind enough to let us stay there. There was no food option. We ate what she prepared for herself. We sat by the fire while the old lady shared her life stories and her daily life activities. Life had been pretty hard for her.

Day 2(Chhomrong to Doban)

After the early morning tea, we left for the further journey. The old lady suggested we leave our wet clothes and unnecessary items at her place so that it would be easier for us. She also told us that she will prepare chicken for us when we return there again from the base camp. That was quite a tiring day. I remember one sight from where a slight part of macchapuchhre could be seen. We were excited. The trek from chhomrong to deurali is not soo like'In to the wild'.It's good though.

The green forest was full of leeches and my friend was a magnet for the leech. It was a boring day to be honest because there were no mountain views and we were all wet from late morning till the end of the day. We trekked till doban that day and it was tiring. But it was all leading us to the amazing Annapurna base camp. The night went cold. I still remember my friend thinking hard about his life that night.

Day 3 (Doban to Annapurna Base Camp)

Woke up early again. We were excited for the day ahead as it was sunny. We walked and walked along the gorge. We could see the mountains and we were enjoying the trek that day. At about 10 am we reached the macchhapuchre base camp. To our bad luck, it was gloomy and foggy. We had our typical dal vat there and we took some rest. After resting and talking with the man at the hotel for some time, we again continued our journey to our final destination.

The trekking route from the machhapuchhre base camp to the Annapurna base camp is pure heaven.
Although we were there at the wrong month, the beauty of the place is surreal. Let me picture it for u readers. Green meadows with lots and lots of flowers, ice-cold stream flowing down, and the foggy view of the mountains. We continued our journey and soon it became so foggy and we were let down by that. Just when we were confused about how long we still had to walk, we saw a board that read something like"welcome to the amazing Annapurna base camp".We were happy but we were let down by the fog and the rain. We could not get that epic view that day. In the evening we stayed warm in the hotel. My friend played cards with the foreigners while I sat inside my room. I hadn't talked to my parents at home for 3 days and I was worried.
All I wanted was to see and feel the place tomorrow morning. At night I realized that I was feeling difficulty in breathing and I realized altitude sickness was a thing in reality. I could not sleep properly and after 3 am I could not sleep at all. I had to breathe deeply every time.

Day 4(Annapurna base camp to chhomrong)

At around 5 am, we came out of the room and it was still foggy. I was already sad. But the hotel owner told that the fog clears up in the morning and while we were having tea inside the mountains started to be seen. In a matter of minutes, the fogs were gone and at that time I knew that I was in the most beautiful place I had ever been in my life. It was our ultimate goal to see the base camp and all the struggle was worth it. We could see the sun shining on the top of the mountain. That was an awesome experience. It was cold and wet but it was stunning too. I can't wait to visit that place during winter.

After experiencing the beauty we started our journey back. The returning way is quite easy as we have to descend down. So, with a little unsatisfied feeling, we walked the whole day to that old lady's place. It was already dark and the only thing that motivated me to reach there was the chicken dinner. The day went from seeing the beauty of base camp to dying to reach that old lady's place.

Day 5 (Chhomrong to Kathmandu)

It was the last day of the trek. I was already missing my bed and the food. We started early in the morning and by 10 am we reached the place where we kept our bike. We thanked the man with some money for looking after the bike. We started the bike and just before Naya pul at the river crossing we fell from the bike and the river took my jacket. Upon reaching Pokhara, we enjoyed the delicious foods and by evening we reached my home Kathmandu.

That was it, people. I can wait no more to visit that place solo in winter. The place is something else during winter and I want to gasp that view. It is a perfect place to travel solo. Looking forward to trek. Let's see.


  1. What an adventure! The leeches grossed me out but the old lady was fascinating. It is good that you had people to help you along your way.

  2. You are looking handsome bro in every pic

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